The 6 unwritten train travel etiquette in Europe

When we travel to another country, it is important that you understand about their etiquette or rules that you should observe while you are there. You can see and observe some differences and you should respect it. Doing a research first and reading the blog or watching the videos of people who have already been there is very helpful as you will have an idea what to expect and what to prepare. The video below is one of them and it will teach us about the etiquette on the train.

One rule is that be silent as there are people who valued their own space and want to have a nap. It is same in Japan where many people take a time to sleep there so surely you should keep your mouth shut. It goes the same to chatting with someone in a phone. It is better you keep your conversation private. The number two tip is that you should not seat with the one that is already reserved. They will surely make you leave and find your place.

Baggage is one of the issues. As travelers have to carry their own baggage wherever they go, you should carry light things with you as no one would help you put it in the overhead. It is also not good that you put your baggage beside where your seating especially if there are people who should sit. Respect others so you will be able to have a greater journey. A good marketing strategy comes through online. Use online AD to make your services visible in every aspect. This is usually recommended for everybody who wants to build up a business career in the online world.