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One of the great joys of travel is eating. Each country in European has its own distinct cuisine. Leave the tourist zones. Find places filled with locals enjoying seasonal and regional specialties. The variety of food is endless and, if you know how to choose a good place, you don’t need to spend a fortune. Don’t miss truffles on your pasta in the fall or fresh berries in Norway in summer. The location can make the meal. Bosnia may not be famous for its food but dining under the bridge in Mostar makes a life-log memory. Most of all, eat fearlessly. Try things you’ve never had in place you’ve never been. There are eateries that fits you budget.

We recommend and occasional gourmet splurge, especially in countries famous for their  high-end cuisine like France and Italy. Some of the most affordable and enjoyable food in Europe can be found not while seated at the table, but while standing in the street or the market.Every country has its own beloved street food. It’s cheap and delicious. Grab a fish sandwich fresh from the guys who caught it at one of the very tipsy fish boats. There are lots of casual bars and bistros hometown. Hangouts where you can enjoy local cuisine in comfort without going broke.

Every towns tempts you with tapas bars, where you belly up to the bar and just point at things you’d like to try. In Denmark, you will love the open face sandwiches which manage to be both simple and elegant at the same time. You can munch the best pizza ever for the price of a fast-food hamburger in Naples, where pizza was invented. A few basic rules for eating your way through the local specialties. You’ll get better quality and price. Eat seasonally. You’ll save money and improve your experience with Europe’s countless budget options.