Places to visit in Europe

Thinking of going to Europe? We heard that Europe was a city bursting with art and music and people are very excited to spend time in there.

Europe has it so called the East Side Gallery which is the longest remaining strip of the wall between East and West Berlin. This long wall is covered with an art of graffiti. They say that this wall stands as a memorial to freedom and is a symbol of unity. This is something interesting place to visit. The place behind it is a very familiar place where Michael Jackson infamously dangled the baby.

There is also parks in Europe that is very interesting to visit. It is called that Tiergarten park. It is a quite nice green escape from the city of Europe. There are a lot of wild deer and other animals there and it is a hipster hangout. Every people in here flock and spend their day listening to music, barbecuing, enjoying few beer while having good time. A lot of market were also located in here where you can pick clothes and old vinyls. You can catch up also some karaoke and musical performances if you luckily visit there, you can watch them

The city of Europe is nice to visit without much of an agenda. You will ended up being quite charming and definitely awesome.